Capital increase

Robin Green Aktie Geschmacksmuster

The company has a share capital of 100.000 Euro and will raise capital by 10% by issuing new shares. The new shares (only 100) have a par value of 100 Euro and will be offered for 999 Euro. They are personal shares.

The shares will be issued between 1.4 and 1.7 2018.

The securitization of the shares (100) will be done in form of plastic cards.

The company wants to use the issuance profit to start their expansion with cryptobeer, craftcoin and the franchise system and to thrill new shareholders.

Satzung Robin Green AG, 28.03.2018

Jahresabschluss Robin Green AG, 2016

Jahresabschluss Robin Green AG, 2017

If you want more information about the capital raise or the new shares, please use our info form. We will also send you the subscription form.

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