General Terms

I. General Terms

The Robin Green AG, represented by the management board, which is represented by its chairman Oliver Preikschat, Schaperstr. 18, 10719 Berlin, mailto:, referred to as Robin Green from this point onward, delivers all services based on the following terms of use. For the individual legal relations between Robin Green and the costumer the version is valid of the time of contract conclusion.
The general terms of use can be accessed at any time on, be printed through the help of the internet browser and saved on the computer.

II. Realization of Contract

Ordering alcoholic beverages through this website is only allowed to customers who are at least 18 years old. By registering, the customer declares that he is at least 18 years old. The customer is obliged to that either he himself receives the order or sombody of legal age whom he has authorized.

Each customer may register only once and with his correct personal data for Robin Green’s online shop.

In case any data changes, the changes are to be made online. The password is to be kept secret.

Those product descriptions available in the online shop of the seller are no binding offers by the seller. They are the basis of a binding offer by the customer. Robin Green can accept this offer within 48 hours.

In the online shop, the customer submits his offer through the embedded online order form. The customer fills his virtual shop cart by using the button “add”. He can empty the shop cart at any time before his binding order by deleting the selected products by removing them from the shop cart by pressing “remove”. After having placed the chosen goods and/or services in the virtual shop cart and after having gone through the digital order process, the customer declares the ordering process to be legally binding by clicking the final button in respect to those goods and/or services contained in the shopping cart. The receipt of the order will be confirmed by Robin Green by E-Mail (Order recieval confirmation)
The order process through the online shop consists of 5 steps.

1. Selection of desired goods
2. Submission of customer data including invoice address / delivery address
3. Selection of payment method
4. Option to check and edit all data submitted including the chosen articles and the payment method
5. Finalizing the order process by clicking order

Robin Green stores the order as well as all the data provided in the order process.
All order data can be printed before finalizing and after finalizing the order process. This data will will be sent to the customer with the order receipt confirmation as well as the order confirmation. 

Through the order confirmation email, the customer received the general terms of use as well as the cancellation policy and the privacy policy.
The order processes and the contacting generally take place through email and the automated order process. The customer is obliged to assure that the email address he provided in the order process is correct, so that those emails sent by the seller can be received. The customer especially is responsible to ensure that all emails sent by the seller or by third parties entitled to process the order can be delivered in case he uses spam filters.

III. Inviting customers/customers acquire customers

Robin Green gives its customers the opportunity to invite friends to test products for free. The conditions and the extent of the potential invites are announced on robin green’s website as part of the respective offer.

If a registered customer invites a potential customer online through Robin Green to test a product and the invitee accepts the invite, then the the customer who is already registered receives bonus points for the order that the newly acquired customers places. The amount of bonus points is calculated based upon the customer’s purchases.

The advertising customer may only invite individuals who are at least 18 years old and who have express interest as well as an explicit consent to be invited. 

The advertising customer acknowledges that Robin Green is not liable towards third parties, which result in the the misuse of the invite function by the advertising customers if he has not complied to the general terms of use. If a customer misuses the advertising tool by Robin Green, he can be banned by Robin Green from using Robin Green’s services.

IV. Bonus points

The ratio between bonus points and the turnover of the newly acquired customer can be obtained on Robin Green’s website under Information > FAQ > Advantages. 

This is also where Robin Green announces for what time period the advertising customer will receive bonus points for the acquired customer’s turnover. After that time period there will no longer be bonus points credited by the acquired customer’s turnover.

The allotment of bonus points is voluntary and only takes places if Robin Green offers this service on its website while the customer is acquired. Robin Green can stop this service at any time for customers acquired in the future.

Bonus points can only be redeemed through purchases through Robin Green’s website. A cash payment is not possible. In case of a cancellation of a order placed through bonus points, the bonus amount will not be paid in cash but can be used in a future order. 

Bonus points need to be redeemed within 12 months of receival. The customer will be notified of the receival of his bonus points by Robin Green through email, as well as the amount of the points, his current total amount of points and the time left for redemption.

V. Prices, Deposit, Delivery fees, return delivery fees in case of cancellation

All prices include VAT.
The price includes a “disposable deposit” fee of 0,25 EUR. The bottles can be reutrned by sending them or handing them in here: Robin Green AG, Schaperstr. 18 in 10719 Berlin.
The price includes the delivery fee within Germany.
The delivery fees for delivering abroad within Europe will be displayed before the order has been completed.
The customer pays for the return delivery fees independent of the value of his order if he makes use of the cancellation policy and the order was delivered according to the order agreement.

VI. Payment options, reservation of ownership

Payment is possible through prepayment, paypal or credit card.
In case of prepayment, payment is due as soon as the contract has been concluded.
The credit card will be charged as soon as the contract has been concluded.
By choosing “PayPal Express” the payment is done through PayPal (Europe) SARL et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luexmbourg (referrered to from this point forward as “PayPal”), under their terms of use, which are viewable here: or, in case the customer does not have a pay pall account, under the conditions für paysments without a paypal account which are viewable here If the customer chooses “PayPal Express” as part of the online payment process, he give a payment order to PayPal by clicking the order button. In this case the seller accepts the offer by the customer the moment the customer presses the button that concludes the order.
The amount due needs to be paid within 5 working days of receiving the order confirmation.
The order remains a property of Robin Green until payment has been completed.

VII. Conditions of delivery/transport

The delivery time within Germany is a maximum of 5 working days starting with the incoming payment.
Robin Green only delivers within Germany and Europe.
If goods are delivered with apparent delivery damages, the customer is asked to contact the deliverer immediately as well as Robin Green.
Failure to complain or initiate contact does not restrict the customer’s warranty rights but it helps Robin Green to claim delivery insurance.

VIII. Warranty/Liability

The warranty is in accordance with the German law.
Robin Green is liable without restrictions for any harm done to life, body or health and for any claims in accordance with the product liability law. The same goes for any other damages which have been caused by deliberate or negligent behaviour. For damages that have been caused by breach of contract Robin Green is also liable if it only has been negligent behaviour. In other cases there is no liability for minor negligent behaviour.
Major contract duties are those that make the proper execution of the contract possible.
In case Robin Green references the internet services of other providers, Robin Green is not liable for the safety of these databases or the validity of its content, its completeness, its up-to-dateness or for the rights of third parties in regards to downloaded date, information and offers. Lawful duties regarding the ban of usage or the removal of information are not affected by this.
A duty/liability of this kind is only applicable as soon as a specific breach of law is known or has the chance of being known.
As soon as Robin Green becomes aware of any breach like that it will remove these contents immediately. 

IX. Data protection

Robin Green collects, processes and stores personal data of its users according to the state law as long as it is necessary in order to conclude and execute the contract and to collect payments.
The protection of user data has the highest priority. Robin Green will not pass on personal data to third parties without permission. The specifics regarding collection, processing and storage of user data is being explained in the data privacy terms of Robin Green.

X. Final clauses

If nothing has been negotiated in other ways, all legally relevant declarations of the contractual parties need be stated in text form. The transfer by email is valid.
If the contractual partner is a merchant or if there is no general place of jurisdiction in Germany and no exclusive jurisdiction, then the place of jurisdiction is Berlin Charlottenburg.
Valid is the German law under exclusion of UN purchase right.
Binding policies of the state in which the customer is located are not touched by this. The language of the contract is German.
The European commission provide a platform to settle conflicts online:
Consumer have the option to settle their conflicts regarding online payment by using this platform from 15.2.2016

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