Cryptobar Franchise

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CryptoBar Franchise

Bars and Cafés are everywhere, which is why it's important to stick out and offer true value and experiences to the visitors.

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What is crypto anyway?

 the encrypted Beer

CryptoBar Konzept

The idea behind the innovative cryptobar franchise system is to create a bar, which will become the meeting spot for the crypto and craft beer scene.

The central element is the interior design with the unique crypto counter. The working surface is made out of real wood and filled with transparent and fluorescent epoxid resin, in which numbers and letters can be molded. The tables are made from the same material.

At the bar there will be at least 12 beers on tap.

The crypto logo is tiled in.

There are mining pcs, a video creen, free WIFI and an ATM.

Luxury toilets. 

CryptoBar - Das Besondere

  • Payment system with Craftcoin/Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin ATM (if permitted)
  • flexible prices determine supply and demand
  • a big screen shows offers, prices etc.
  • always 12+ craft beers on tap
  • tasty food and original dishes
  • CI concept with a special counter and tables as eye catchers
  • Mining as an experience

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