Crypto - Craft Beer

First encoded Craft Beer


Cryptic beer, an encrypted beverage. What’s that supposed to be?

First of all it is particularly tasty, a very special craftbeer for gourmets.
A pale, cold hopped ale - a SMASH. This abbreviation stands for single malt and single Hop.
Only light malt from Vienna is included in the beer, along with extraordinary amarillo hop.
It is brewed in Berlin according to the German purity law, top-fermented with only 3,5% alcohol.
Because of the hop it tastes and smells outstanding.

The target audience for this particular specialty are experienced beer gourmets and the moderne scene of
tech geeks, hackers, programers and those interested in cryptocurrency.

The trick lies under the crown cap, which is modelled after a gold coin, labelled „craftcoin“.

CraftCoin Kronenkorken — © rdnzl, Fotolia

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